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Please provide any thoughts, comments, ideas, or questions to the Chittenden County I-89 2050 Study Team using the Guestbook below.

Please provide any thoughts, comments, ideas, or questions to the Chittenden County I-89 2050 Study Team using the Guestbook below.

Guest Book

Let us know any thoughts you have on existing issues or potential improvements for the I-89 corridor in Chittenden County. 
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I do not support constructing a new exit on I-89. It is a misuse of resources that should be used to make transportation more sustainable and accessible. I do support an assessment and consequent improvement of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure at the highways interchanges.

Spasqualoni over 1 year ago

I do not support constructing a new exit on I-89. It is a misuse of resources that should be used to make transportation more sustainable and accessible. I do support an assessment and consequent improvement of pedestrian and cycling infrastructure at the highways interchanges.

egraff over 1 year ago

I do not support the proposed new exit. It is a misuse of land and transportation funds, which should be focused on making transportation more sustainable and accessible. This can only be done by recentering our transportation budget away from personal vehicles and invest in public transit, bike lanes, and walkability.

That being said, I do support improving pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure and safety at exits 13 and 14. As a UVM student who formerly lived on campus and now lives in the South End, both of these interchanges have proven incredibly dangerous for all users of the corridors.

Zoë (she/her) over 1 year ago

I just reviewed the current iteration of proposals for Exit 12B, 13 and 14. Great evaluation and planning. It’ll take us all time to get used to moving through the “diamond interchanges” but another argument for doing it at Exits 13 and 14 is that we’ll eventually be doing it at Exit 16, right, near Costco? There’ll be continuity of “training” us how to drive our heaviest used exit interchanges near Burlington. And cyclists and pedestrians will feel safer transporting themselves that way vs. using their cars which helps our overall climate/future evolution of transportation, too. Well done!!!

Kate Kruesi over 1 year ago

I just heard about this from an adjoining FPF post. I took a look and love the ideas to improve exit 13 and 14. I recently had to bike out to the university mall to go shopping and to get a covid vaccine and was reminded of how terrible and unsafe it is to go from Burlington to South Burlington, mostly because of the interstate on/off ramps. Improving this would be huge! as there are so many shared services/jobs/housing between Burlington and South Burlington.

The proposed new exit I am a little less excited about. It seems like it would add some efficiency which I nerdily love but it would definitely impact land use in the area significantly. Therefore, it should probably be a larger discussion with the town to make sure it fits into their vision of the towns land use.

jacob over 1 year ago

I want to submit a diagram. It is difficult to comment without showing on a plan my proposal. How can I do?

RPL over 1 year ago

We could really use additional exits at Kennedy drive and one for hinesburg road. As it stands any cars trying to access Kennedy road South must use the Dorset Street exit which causes much additional unneeded traffic on this already very busy road. At the very least I would say exits from i-89 on to Kennedy drive are needed.

Kathryn over 1 year ago

As a longtime resident of Burlington I ask: Please make bicycle safety a high priority in any future planning for the I89 exits.

Mark over 1 year ago

I bike to work and everywhere else I can so would really appreciate safer access around the interstate.

Susan Joy over 1 year ago

Interstates should be left to motor vehicle traffic only.

JesseQ over 1 year ago

My wife and I are avid road cyclists with a home in Colchester. Any inprovement to the I89 intersections would be an asset. Last year, I tried and was unsessessful emailing a numbers of Burlington and State officials including Senator Leahy's office which was the only one not to resond to try and get 127 open for cyclists. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thomas over 1 year ago

Not that I always use them but the off-and on-road bike lanes across the Exit 14 bridge and approaches, are already better than Williston Rd. between the bridge and VT Rte. 116 and Patchen Rd. In this entrance to Burlington one must ride on the sidewalks. It needs a turning lane down the center reducing travel lanes to 3 from 4 until an entire new design can be made. This will make room for bike lanes.
Rep. Curt McCormack,
House Committee on Transportation

? over 1 year ago

a friend of mine was struck by a car while biking across the I89 bridge at exit 14 six years ago. For that reason I am reluctant to bike or walk in that area. If it were safer I would travel there by foot and bike.

rosemarie over 1 year ago

Please focus on people! not only people in single occupancy vehicles. At the entrances/exits, please ensure there are sidewalks, crosswalks, safe lighting for people walking/rolling/biking/skating/dawdling/running, please have benches, please have bus stops, think about shade trees, think about children, think about people using wheelchairs.
This is a great opportunity to set in gravel the future of our community/state-- please do not doom us to a future of cars cars cars. We need to focus on safety and put community wellbeing ahead of convenience. Use some of that budget towards public and on demand transportation.
Also-- we talk about "text stops" on our highways but don't have many safe places for people to pull over-- unsure if it would change behavior, but one other aspect of safety to consider.
BTW love the lupine near highway in Shelburne Rd exit-- please consider native flowers when doing this. Highways are ugly, especially with all the litter.

Megan Simpson over 1 year ago

Sorry I don’t know how to do zoom

What’s that.. I it’s an ipad over 1 year ago

I support walk/ bike improvements for these areas.

Mary over 1 year ago

While a pedestrian bridge on the south side of the current Williston Rd. crossing of I89 is a nice idea, it would be very inconvenient for someone like me to use. I walk at least once a week from the Chamberlin neighborhood in South Burlington into downtown Burlington, and back again, which are both on the north side the road. This means that in order to use the pedestrian bridge in its proposed location I would not only need to walk out of my way but would also need to cross both Williston Rd. and Main St., increasing my interaction with traffic.

This means that while the pedestrian bridge would alleviate some pedestrian hazards it would not eliminate the need for safer infrastructure in its current location.

Alexandra over 1 year ago

I am LOVING the new plans for enhanced Exit 13... a 12B and a MUCH better exit 14. Thank you!

teedjvt over 1 year ago

Although many Bolton residents support the addition of an I-89 exit in town, that sentiment is not universally shared, with others feeling that an exit could increase development pressures while providing no significant benefit for residents. However, the concerns about the Notch Road overpass are almost universal. This narrow tunnel was recently overhauled by VTrans, but its fundamental safety problems remain unaddressed. The tunnel is too narrow for two vehicles to pass safely, is at the bottom of one of the steepest hills in the county, and is positioned such that it is impossible to see traffic past the opposite end of the tunnel until you are in it or exiting it. This situation is complicated further by the presence of an active quarry half-way up the hill, which has resulted in at least two incidents of out-of-control, fully-loaded dump trucks careening through the tunnel; plus the routing of the Long Trail through the tunnel. This situation is a setup for a disaster. The ideal solution would be replacing the tunnel with a tunnel or overpass wide enough for two vehicles and pedestrians. A less-than-ideal solution would be to build a pedestrian / cyclist tunnel to at least get these folks out of harm's way.

S. Barner over 1 year ago

As a South Burlington resident who lives near Hinesburg Road and Kennedy Drive and who has family who lives near Dorset and Swift Streets, I think we need to lessen and slow down traffic in and around this area, not add to traffic, speed, noise and congestion where are homes and places of outdoor recreation are and could be. We need to consider the wellbeing of our community and our environment. We need to make South Burlington a more walkable community, safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. Adding more sidewalks, crosswalks, extending public transit options, and slowing down traffic are needed to make South Burlington a more livable and viable place to live, work and play. What we don't need more highways, exits and speeding cars.

Jen over 1 year ago
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